Favourite characters of 2022

Somehow, it's already December. At the time of writing this I've read around 57 books and watched quite a number of movies and TV series, and there's a lot of characters I loved out of them. Here's a list of my favourite characters out of the lot, and why I like them. From books: Spensa… Continue reading Favourite characters of 2022


September wrap up | a hectic month from start to finish

Hello friends! I started September telling myself that this is the month where I rejuvenate my blog and get its stats up, but then life started kicking my ass. So here you get my September wrap up after one month of radio silence. I did read more books than I thought I would, so let's… Continue reading September wrap up | a hectic month from start to finish

August wrap up

So, phew, August went by fast. I did a lot of reading in the beginning of the month, expanded my yearly reading goal to 60 books (was I perhaps too overconfident? Because I hardly read anything after I changed my reading goal). It was a good reading month, though, and I discovered some of my… Continue reading August wrap up

June wrap up 2022

Hello friends! Turns out it is five days into July and we're well past the mid-year point. Seriously. Half the year's over, and I'm still processing that. Nothing big happened in June except for the fact that my work life severely messed up my sleep schedule, and that I'm maybe falling into a reading slump… Continue reading June wrap up 2022

March wrap up | the month I binged movies

Hello lovely people! I did come back from hiatus thinking I'd be able to post five times a month, but seems like life had other decisions for me. Good news: I got a job! Bad news: it is freaking EXHAUSTING. I mean, there's nothing much to do except sit at a chair in front of… Continue reading March wrap up | the month I binged movies

I still exist (a reading wrap up)

It's been a minute since I posted anything here, so hi, people! Hope you all are doing good and well! My hiatus still isn't over (in fact, I think it'll be going on for much longer than I'd originally planned) so I'm just posting an update regarding stuff I'd read while I was missing in… Continue reading I still exist (a reading wrap up)