Trends in YA fiction | a discussion & many recommendations

Hello friends! Today's topic is inspired by an old Let's Talk Bookish prompt (which is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion - go check out their blogs as well). I saw the prompt 'predicting trends in ya fiction' but I didn't have the time to write a post on it… Continue reading Trends in YA fiction | a discussion & many recommendations


Classics I didn’t finish reading and why // a discussion

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jan loves to read classics. I started off my reading by reading classics. Most of the books in my bookshelf are classics. That being said, there are quite a few of these books that I stopped reading halfway through. Also note that all these are entirely my own… Continue reading Classics I didn’t finish reading and why // a discussion

Movies I watched in March + mini reviews!

I watched five movies in March. I usually just include them in my wrap up but these were just so good I thought of making a post of my own for them. So what did I watch? Pride and Prejudice (2005) This was a rewatch, and I enjoyed it just the same the second time… Continue reading Movies I watched in March + mini reviews!

Best book moms

Okay, we all know mothers in books are rare. Either they're absent working (and no idea their kids are saving the world) or else they're downright horrible. Or passive aggressive. So I decided to come up with a list of the best moms in books I've come across. Because sweet, supportive moms deserve a chance… Continue reading Best book moms

Top 5 Shakespeare’s Plays: a totally biased ranking

I guess this is one of the facts about me you don't know: I've acted in five of Shakespeare's plays and have watched many more. The characters I played in order were: little boy, servant, pickpocket, tree, and cursed half demon. Only one of those were speaking roles and guess which 😉 some of my… Continue reading Top 5 Shakespeare’s Plays: a totally biased ranking