Hello everyone! I’m the person behind Inkspun Tales. I’m known by a lot of names and nicknames, but in this cosy corner of the web, I go by Jan. I’m a Sri Lankan book blogger who loves to read (what else is new). After two years of experimentally running a wildlife photography blog, I finally caved and created this blog to talk about books.

If you’re still here, here are some random facts about me:

⛅ I read anything I can get on my hands, but I’m particularly fond of fantasy stories

⛅ I’m an INFP

⛅ My pronons are she/her

⛅ Aside from reading, I love photography, doodling, ornithology and writing stories

⛅ I collect bits and pieces of my life in post cards, diary entries, old coins (I’ve got one from 1892!) and so on.

⛅ Chaotic found families in books are everything to me

books: realm of the elderlings, loveless, she who became the sun, lotr, the green bone saga, pjo, hani and ishu’s guide to fake dating, if we were villains, anne of green gables

movies: princess mononoke, little women, lotr, pacific rim, portrait of a lady on fire, rogue one, revenge of the sith, little forest

shows: black sails, my mister, andor, the legend of korra, derry girls

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Hope you have a nice day,