March 2023 wrap up

Hello, lovely people! March was a weird month, but I got stuff done. I opened up one of my abandoned WIPs and started writing again, read a ton of books, and I watched, among other things, two book adaptations I have a couple of salty uncharitable unpopular opinions about. Let’s dive in!

What I read

The Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb

You can read my review here. The Rain Wild Chronicles is a story about dragons unable to fly journeying upriver with their keepers to find a lost city.

Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb

…And I reached The Fitz and the Fool trilogy finally. This book has a huge ‘all vibes no plot’ feel to it, and there’s this thin facade of peace over most of the book that just feels so wrong. The Fool is not in this book and yet he’s literally everywhere and his absence tangibly haunts the story. Fitz is clearly depressed and hiding deep hurts that he isn’t allowing anyone to see, and he makes me want to scream just talk to your wife and daughters dude! Because I don’t think even Fitz realizes just how much the Fool leaving him affected him.

I LOVE Bee. And Molly. Molly and Bee together (adorableness!) Bee and Per’s friendship. Bee and Wolf Father. Bee secretly reading Fitz’s letters and diaries. Fitz knowing that…and letting it happen anyway. It’s a small detail but it’s such a Fitz thing to do. Bee’s chapters were a delight to read.

DID THAT ENDING HAVE TO HAPPEN THAT WAY??? My rating: ★★★★✩ (4.5 stars)

Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb

There is a list of things that I did not like about this book, like the lack of urgency and the fact that it took more than half the book for the characters to figure out one very important thing. It also could have been at least a hundred pages shorter. Also some inconsistencies (SPOILERS, but like how many times did Amber and Spark use the skill pillars and how did they not get stuck?? Also, wasn’t it established that animals do not like the skill road why was a bear there). What I liked in this book:

  • Any time Fitz and the Fool are on page together. Fitz healing the Fool and taking care of him. It’s pretty clear that their relationship is damaged and their trust is all but gone, but there’s still so much love and it just hurts okay.
  • ELLIANIA my unpredictable queen. Whenever she did something I was cheering for her.
  • “You’ve breathed my breath for me, sheltered me inside your own body. So, yes, Fitz, in every way that matters, I’ve been with you. We’ve shared the stuff of our beings.
  • Whenever Lant tries to talk about Shun and Fitz is like oh sweet eda somebody get me out of here
  • The two genderfluid/non-binary characters slowly becoming staunch allies and all their gender-hopping cross-dressing pronoun-jumping shenanigans.

Did I purposely minimize Bee’s chapters in my mind because they were painful to read? Probably. My rating: ★★★★✩ (3.5 stars, rounded up)

Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb

*insert ugly crying GIF* all the descriptions of torture and injuries and assault aside, the most upsetting thing about this book is Fitz and the Fool being so out of sync with each other. Bee’s character arc, her fear of being abandoned and her fearing the person she’s become and eventually embracing it…it just makes me sad. This book is like a big clusterfuck of miscommunication and I can’t even be mad about it because this is literally how these characters function.

One of my favourite moments on the funnier side of things is when Fitz, Amber and the kids meet the Paragon, it’s like the RotE version of the spiderman meme. That, and “who is Lady Thyme?” “Your father.” 16-book long inside jokes.

And then there is the ending, which while I wished it was kinder for everyone involved, was DEVASTATING and inevitable and so, so beautiful. Anyways I’ll repeat: love story of all time. Now every time I see the word Beloved I’ll probably die a little inside. My rating: ★★★★✩ (4 stars)

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Apart from Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories I haven’t really read any horror so I had no idea what to expect when I started this book. The Haunting of Hill House is…creepy and atmospheric more than scary, and it’s such a good story with an ending that shook me.

I am obsessed with all the quotes in this book. Take the opening line, for instance: “No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream.” Sublime. My rating: ★★★★✩ (4 stars)

Cinderella is Dead by Kaylnn Bayron

I dearly wanted to love this book but unfortunately I did not. The thing is everything that happens in this book feel shallow. The first half of the book is objectively better than the last half, but even in the first half I was mad at Sophia because that girl has absolutely no self-preservation skills. Then we get introduced to Luke, who I liked, but then he effectively disappears for much of the story.

The sapphic romance between Sophia and Constance felt instalovey, the villain was one-dimensional and the world building was just bland. I’m adding a star because this book raised important points about fighting against sexism and homophobia (internalized and not), but they could have been a list with bullet points slapped in your face. Absolutely no nuance at all. My rating: ★★✩✩✩ (2.5 stars)

Assassin’s Fate nearly sent me into a reading slump and I couldn’t pick up any new book for DAYS. So I reread stuff, like the Grisha Trilogy (I maintain that these books don’t deserve the hate they get) and Priory of the Orange Tree (much the same feelings as I had when I read it for the first time.)

What I watched

My Name: This is a very bloody and intense revenge kdrama, and I loved it. The plot was predictable and the ending was rushed and incomplete, but I just loved the main character, Yoon Ji Woo/Oh Hye Jin. Her only drive is finding her father’s murderer and killing them, which makes her blind to the bigger picture in a very realistic way.

I also love how she wears her heart on her sleeve and is allowed to be angry. To be brutal and unforgiving and murderous. Plus, Han So Hee looks really good wearing that black jacket with blood on her face ❤

I told myself I would watch more old romantic comedies and I watched Clueless and But I’m a Cheerleader (liked them both!)

Shadow and Bone Season 2: the writing of this season was quite atrocious (you can tell the writers weren’t sure if they’ll get another season, Netflix’s favourite hobby being cancelling shows, so they tried to cram as many storylines as they could into this one) but like, it was fun if you just closed your mind and went with it. The best parts of the season were Wylan and Jesper, Alina, Mal, Genya, Baghra and surprisingly, Nikolai (the acting was wonky in the early episodes, though). I lived for all the Alina & Mal moments, I am a sucker for their kind of romance.

I didn’t like how they completely erased Inej’s character outside of her relationship with Kaz, and Matthias wasn’t even there. And because all the Crows scenes were rushed, you don’t get the same emotional payoff that you do in the book. (That, and I just can’t stand Kaz being edgy I’m sorry.) I already hated the Darkling but they hadn’t even tried to make him a compelling villain this season. He was just cringe worthy.

Lastly I watched Daisy Jones and the Six, which is the other book adaptation I have OPINIONS about. It started great and I was in love with the first three episodes, and I liked it right until the last three episodes, which made me so angry. There was a reason I loved the book, cheating unlikable characters and all (I usually hate the cheating trope in books) and that…wasn’t there in this show. I nearly threw something at my screen when Billy said something along the lines of ‘I feel the same way…but she’s my wife and I can’t leave her‘. Anyways. I loved Teddy and Simone and Bernie, Warren, Karen, Graham and Eddie.

I found out that the interviews were being recorded 20 years later and not 40 years later like in the book, and I don’t want to start about how Camila was done a huge disservice because of it. The way she was almost a plot device in the later episodes, an obstacle to be removed so that Daisy and Billy the ‘soulmates’ could have their happily ever after. Just going by the events of the show, I think she should have divorced Billy when she could. Both the book and the show had essentially the same ending but in the book it felt sad and bittersweet, while in the show I just wanted to punch those two people in the face.

*calms down*

Life update

Nothing big happened in March yet I can’t help feeling like I accomplished something. I started exercising and stretching each day (the workout routine is the same thing I was taught when I was doing drama ten years ago mixed with a little yoga, but shh).

After it lay dormant for months, I started working on my WIP as well, and now I’m close to 9k words.

In other happenings, a thief came to my garden and thankfully no further, but two of my neighbours’ homes were broken into. I don’t even want to think of what could have happened if we didn’t have the dog. The dog (I never call him by his name, it’s always dog, boy, baby or son or something like that lol) makes us feel safe and I think that’s worth everything he chews and destroys.

Hope you all have a great month ahead!


18 thoughts on “March 2023 wrap up”

  1. lovely post!! you’re so right about “my name”, it was flawed and yet it had me glued to my tv. the main character and her relationship with pil-do was just chef’s kiss. congrats on almost hitting 9k on you wip! hope you have an amazing april!!


  2. So much Robin Hobb! That’s awesome. I still need to read her and I’ve had the first Assassin’s book for so long. That’s so unfortunate about your neighbors. Glad you were able to escape that! A lot of theft is happening lately.

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  3. Your Fitz and the Fool trilogy opinions are just as on point as your Rain Wild Chronicle ones! 🤩 (Well, except for the fact that I didn’t really care all that much about Molly – I was still furious at her for taking creepy stalker Fitz back, I suppose 🤣 – and was kind of glad when she was gone… Apparently, I’m just a horrible person and love seeing these characters in pain? 😅 But, like, the way that development brought Fitz and Bee together was everything!) However, my favorite parts of the trilogy were definitely also the ones involving Fitz and the Fool. I was sobbing so much the last ten pages that I could barely see, which made me forgive a ton of consistency issues I had with the latter books as well. The ending was simply perfect! 😭🥰😭

    Hard agree on everything you said about Shadow & Bone, too. Well, except that I also found Alina and Mal a bit bland in this… The writers simply sucked the life out of everything with their super rushed let’s-squeeze-2.5-books-into-this-season writing 😫 And I don’t mind edgy Kaz either – I’ve always thought he seemed a bit edgy in the books, too.

    And I kind of get where you’re coming from with Daisy Jones & The Six! I also hated that line of Billy’s, but I consoled myself by telling myself that Billy probably partially said it to manipulate Daisy, and I also think the show did a great job finding it’s way back from that. For me, it didn’t at all come across like Billy and Daisy were soulmates for whom Camilla had to be removed. Instead, Billy really came to realize how important Camilla was to him, and the final Camilla scene had me sniffling into my tissues all over again. But maybe I was also just interpreting things the way I did because I had the books in mind the whole time? Sometimes, it gets hard to seperate… But I still thought it was an excellent adaptation! 🥰

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    1. I was so shaken after the ending of assassin’s fate I couldn’t touch another book for half the month I think it fried my brain a little haha. But yes, the ending was PERFECT.
      Whenever fitz and the fool were together I got 200% more invested in whatever was going on.
      I didn’t think too much about fitz and molly’s relationship in fool’s assassin because while they do love each other fitz is kinda using her to distance himself from his life at buckkeep & molly deserves a better man lol. But I really loved her and bee together, they were so damn CUTE and she’s a really good parent. Fitz is a disaster parent but anytime he and bee interacted I was in shambles (esp in the last book)

      Ooh I’m glad you enjoyed djats!!!
      imo billy dunne came across as more of an asshole in the show than in the books. For me, in the books, it was pretty obvious he loved camila too but I found it REALLY hard to believe that in the show.

      I was continuously at a ???? while watching the shadow and bone show, like did they really adapt bits and pieces of crooked kingdom before six of crows??? But I do think the six of crows + king of scars plots would mesh better together than this one, IF there is another season. Agree to disagree on Malina, I simply loved them!

      Hope you have a great month ahead!!

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      1. SAME!!! Everything I read afterwards paled in comparison to that ending, and I missed reading about Fitz and the Fool with an ache that was truly painful! 😭 And lol, yeah, Molly was so much more competent at parenting than Fitz 🤣🤣🤣 Still, I’m totally with you – anytime Fitz and Bee interacted melted my heart! Like, when Fitz wanted to surprise her with that new room and took away the secret passage and threw out some of her things in the process and Bee tried not to show how hurt she was? I was definitely not sniffling. Definitely not 😭

        And I don’t know… I did feel like Billy loving both of them came across really well in the show, too – but that’s probably why I enjoyed it so much more! I’m really sorry it didn’t manage to live up to your expectations! But at least we can always reread the book, I guess. No one can argue that that is utter perfection! 🥰

        Also, if it makes you feel better, I do still love Malina, even if that is mostly due to the books and Season One. Like, I didn’t hate them in Season Two or anything, I just felt like we barely got to spend any meaningful time with them 😥 But I still think they’re a great couple!

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  4. aah ok I’m only 4 episodes into Shadow and Bone season two but I’m so upset about what they did to Wylan and Jesper’s relationship. Those two didn’t get together until book TWO of Six of Crows but it only took until episode four of season two??? They had like no development even though all the other relationships have a ton of it!!! They wrote it so badly! But yeah, I’ll agree, the writing is not the best in this show.

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    1. EVERYTHING was so rushed! I guess the main reason I didn’t have that much of an issue with wylan and jesper’s relationship this season is because the actors were perfectly cast and they have a lot of chemistry, but it sucks when slowburn relationships are sped up to facilitate the plot.



    oh and ‘my name’ BASICALLY SOUNDS FABULOUS i need?? BUT OH MY GOSH NOOOO INEJ BEING ALMOST ENTIRELY ABSENT IN THE SECOND SEASON??? HOW? DARE? THE WORLD. am still procrastinating on watching the entire show because i keep telling myself i must read crooked kingdom first. but i’m. you know. SCARED.

    congrats on hitting 9k (OH MY GOSH IM SO PROUD) and hoping you’re having a great april!!!!!

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    1. Ahhh thank you bestie!!
      Aksksjks fitz and the fool’s story has been living in my brain 24/7 ok i need to scream about them they are so… (I rarely ship characters okay and when I do I get obsessed)

      My name is so awesome!

      You should read crooked kingdom because the entire plot is in s2. I just wish the writing this season was better.
      Thanks again!


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