Favourite characters of 2022

Somehow, it’s already December. At the time of writing this I’ve read around 57 books and watched quite a number of movies and TV series, and there’s a lot of characters I loved out of them. Here’s a list of my favourite characters out of the lot, and why I like them.

From books:

Spensa Nightshade

Spensa is the protagonist of Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward. I have only read the first book, and I liked her character straightaway. She was fun, vivacious and odd, creative and speaking what’s on her mind without thinking first. I said this in my review of the book as well: she reminds me of a futuristic Anne Shirley. I also found her rivalry with Jorgen adorable.

Harrowhark Nonagesimus

I have a lot of mixed feelings towards Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir, mostly because I had no idea what was going on for around 80% of the plot. But the characters? The characters were delicious. Out of all of them I liked the secretive, weird necromancer of the Ninth the best: Harrow. Everything from her character design to the way she talks is so unique and interesting. Right when her backstory was revealed I knew that she was definitely going to be one of my faves.

Captain Nemo

Of course Captain Nemo was a villain in Twenty Thousand Leagues Across the Sea because this story was written in the nineteenth century; he was way ahead of his time. And of course if someone had a deep-seated hatred against colonization then that someone must be a villain. (The story is narrated by a French man after all). An elusive, mysterious and tragic man who pilots a submarine – I don’t think submarines were a thing at the time this story was written – it’s also highly possible that Nemo was Indian as well. He is the most interesting character in the book, as the others are quite forgettable. And I like a person who’s obsessed with marine biology, science, and speaks in a totally invented language to mess with his prisoners.

Ayt Mada

All of the protagonists of the Green Bone Saga were fully fleshed out characters, but the one I liked the best of all was the formidable antagonist across the trilogy, Ayt Mada. The leader of the enemy Mountain Clan. She is such a powerful villain and even if I was rooting for the No Peak Clan all the way, I couldn’t help being awed at her. Everything about her was very interesting, including the bloody story of how she rose to be a leader in a very patriarchal system. By the end of the series, I had a healthy amount of respect for her.

Fang Runin

I’ve only read the first book of The Poppy War trilogy and I have no idea about what’s coming for her in the next two books. Rin’s arc of starting out from nowhere and then slowly reaching for her goals out of nothing but pure determination until the power slowly starts to corrupt her was something that kept me up a whole night, it was so well written.

From movies/TV series

James Flint

He is the second vicious, tragic seafaring man with nothing left to lose on a vendetta against imperialism in this list, but never mind. The character is from the TV series Black Sails. Flint might just be one of the best written characters ever. He’s very morally ambiguous – tyrannical and murderous and unreasonable at (many) points, but also caring so deeply about the people and places he loves.

Lee Ji An

Ji An is one of the main characters of the 2018 kdrama My Mister. She’s stoic and silent but deadly smart, as she is forced to work outside the law in order to get herself money to pay off crippling debts her parents left her, alongside taking care of her grandmother. Her journey from a seemingly cold character who slowly allows herself to be more vulnerable and allowing others to be kind to her was simply the best. She’s fiercely protective of the people she loves – the ‘I’ll kill for you’ kind of person who actually would do it.

What about you? Who are the best characters you’ve met this year?


9 thoughts on “Favourite characters of 2022”

  1. Spensa as Anne Shirley in space makes me laugh but is also strangely accurate! I never would have thought to make that comparison, but I LOVE it.
    You’re making me really want to watch Black Sails. I’m semi-skeptical because, not that I have a deep emotional attachment to it or anything, but Treasure Island was pretty much my childhood, and I’m just leery of prequels that don’t necessarily stick to canon with their backstory-writing. BUT it sounds like an amazing show and Flint??? Tragic seafaring men with a vendetta against imperialism and nothing left to lose???? Not a type I was aware I had, but absolutely my type! Haha!
    I’m glad you met so many lovely characters this year! 🙂 I’m pretty sure Pet (damaged human who wants to protect everyone even though she can’t protect herself from the vicious fae world, goes berserk when she fights) and Athelas (damaged fae steward who’s better at killing than cooking, has at least three motives for everything he says or does, drinks tea and is unfailingly polite) from the City Between series go on my list of best characters I’ve met this year! Spensa would too if it had been this year I met her.

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  2. I actually reread treasure island right after finishing this show and the story ties really well into the book, and the book’s now much sadder and has more meaning than it originally had.
    Black sails is amazing but it’s also really heavy (it gets better, but the first season is also very game of thrones-y with all the sex and violence in it which is very unfortunate, please check out trigger warnings if you’re going to watch it)

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  3. I LOVE SPENSA AHH, I really need to read the rest of the books in the series soon! AND RIN!! I don’t agree with most of her actions lol but I adored reading from her perspective!


    1. Rin’s such a great character as in I found myself rooting for her through everything. Now I’ve got to read the dragon republic and the burning god too.


  4. jdbvbvc jan this post is uncredible I’M IN LOVE WITH IT ALL??
    i said this after reading your review too, but whenever i read skyward, it’ll be solely because of your numerous promises of ‘a futuristic Anne Shirley’ I LOVE ANNE SHIRLEY.
    but also. captain nemo sounds FABULOUS. because: “speaks in a totally invented language to mess with his prisoners” DUDE?? PLEASE SIGN ME UP I BEG.
    also i love rin?? I LOVE HER SO SO MUCH OK. her character arc is phenomenal. AND ALSO RIDICULOUSLY REALISTIC. plus lee ji an sounds incredible too?? EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO READ/WATCH THE REST OF THESE.

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    1. Read skyward!! Just…the way Spensa speaks and thinks is so full of energy and unique.
      Captain nemo is SUCH an interesting character. And so majorly tragic (Idk i’ve been getting attached to tragic characters these days) and also he’s a huge nerd.
      And i just want to hug ji an and tell her she’s doing great. She’s such a good character! (I highly recommend all these books and shows)

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