The last ten books tag

Hello friends! I’ve got around 5 posts in my drafts and I can’t bring myself to finish any of them, so I decided to do a tag and defeat this fiendish blogging slump I’ve fallen into. Mostly because it seemed too weird to have two monthly wrap ups next to each other with no posts in between. The lovely Maria @ The Character Study tagged me for this last May (almost a year ago, oops)

the last book I bought

If I’m honest I can’t remember the last time I bought a book purely for reading purposes. But there’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles, which my sister bought because it was a part of the school syllabus.

last book I reread

I reread almost all the books I read, and I’m not sure if it properly counts has ‘rereading’ – mostly because I have a habit of skipping ahead to my favourite parts. But whenever I find a new favourite you can be sure I’ve reread it at least twice. (I’ve read If We Were Villains no less than four times)

last book I gave up on

DNF’ing is a healthy habit for a reader to develop, but I’m the kind of person who likes to suffer through till the end of a book. OK, I must admit I never finished reading the rest of Dial A For Aunties when I started it, months ago. I did like the beginning,and there’s a high chance that I’ll return to the book.

last book I said I read but didn't

I’ve never done this.

last book I wrote in the margins of

I don’t usually write on books, apart from my name, and the date I bought it. Even now, when I read books online, I don’t even highlight quotes, it just isn’t something I do.

last book I had signed

I’ve never attended a book signing event or received a signed book. As if book signing events happen where I live haha.

last book I lost

I haven’t actually lost a book, but I lent my friend my copy of Anne of Green Gables and forgot to ask it back. Knowing me and my brain, I don’t think I’ll ever remember.

doodlecrafter the ider Do

last book I had to replace

I’ve never replaced a book either, now that I think of it. I have books so old there’re pages falling off but I wouldn’t dream of replacing them.

last book I argued over

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan. Having loved reading this I recommended this to my sister, who…didn’t like it as much as I did. Basically, she thought it was boring and had too much politics. And everyone who disagrees with me has no taste, naturally. /jk (She was pretty horrified by something that happens in the last stretch of the book. In my defence, I had warned her that the book had morally black characters.)

last book I couldn't find

I haven’t lost a book, technically. I read this book when I was eleven (It was a Sinhala translation of a book named Callanish, and the story was about an anthropomorphic golden eagle in an English?? zoo and I’d LOVED it). Ever since then, I’ve been trying to find that book in my school library unsuccessfully.

I’m not tagging anyone but if you guys haven’t done this tag on your blog already, you are free to do so! Here’s the list of prompts:

  • The last book I bought
  • The last book I reread
  • The last book I gave up on
  • The last book I said I read but didn’t
  • The last book I wrote in the margins of
  • The last book I had signed
  • The last book I lost
  • The last book I had to replace
  • The last book I argued over
  • The last book I couldn’t find

See you around, friends!


16 thoughts on “The last ten books tag”

  1. Lolol, Jan, you’re basically me when it comes to rereading or writing in the margins 🀣 I am constantly rereading stuff, and yes, skipping ahead to one’s favorite scenes is simply the best way to do it! πŸ˜‡ And my margins are sacred and must remain unblemished forever – other people are welcome to annotate their books, but it would drive me nuts on rereads if I had stuff written there!

    I am very, very lucky that Germany hosts two of the world’s biggest book conventions every year, though – the Frankfurt and the Leipzig Book Fairs. Thanks to them, I actually do have a few signed copies – I am still hyperventilating from having met Brandon Sanderson in person πŸ€— – and consider myself extremely fortunate for sure! Fingers crossed that authors will eventually decide to visit Sri Lanka, too!

    (Also, I am positively in love with that owl doodle!!! πŸ₯°πŸ¦‰πŸ₯°)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU MET BRANDON SANDERSON IN PERSON no I’m not jealous at all, naemi. Ah yes I would absolutely love my favourite authors to visit here too!
      I don’t get annotating books, as someone who had Trouble choosing her favourite quotes. What do you even write on the margins?

      Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I loved this post!! And I don’t write on the margins of books either, I barely annotate my books haha! Sometimes I’ll use tabs but it’s a really rare occurrence πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Also the graphics in this post are so prettyyy ahhh!!πŸ’–πŸ’–


  3. *gasp* YOU NEVER FINISHED DIAL A FOR AUNTIES???? this is BETRAYAL jan!! but those doodles ARE AMAZING ok!! (DID YOU DRAW THEM?????) book signing events don’t happen where i live either, and honestly ITS VERY SAD 😭 Hope both of us get lucky sometime though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I will finish it one day I promise. I drew the doodles myself lol. Fingers crossed that some book signing event happens in our countries one day!!


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