March wrap up | the month I binged movies

Hello lovely people! I did come back from hiatus thinking I’d be able to post five times a month, but seems like life had other decisions for me. Good news: I got a job! Bad news: it is freaking EXHAUSTING. I mean, there’s nothing much to do except sit at a chair in front of a computer but for 14 hours. I did get more reading done than I thought possible, and I watched a lot of stuff.

What I read

The Forest of Stolen Girls by June Hur

June Hur knows how to write a mystery for sure. This story is much more darker than I anticipated, and the mystery is so well plotted, although slow paced. (OK maybe I am bad at guessing mysteries but this plot twist is so unpredictable)

I loved the prickly sister bond between Hwani and Maewol, the lack of romance and the historical setting. Once again amazed at how June Hur combines historical happenings with the mystery. My rating: ★★★★✩ (4.5 stars)

Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

I started reading this without knowing that this was the third book in a series, and I didn’t recognize any of the characters or the relationships already formed. I read this for a a low stakes romance, but I found myself bored halfway through. The beginning was very good, funny and filled with a lot of sexual tension, but all that kind of went away after the first half of the book. My favourite character just might be the pet cat. I initially thought of rating this two stars but there was that one scene which made me laugh my stomach out, so I’m going to rate it higher. My rating: ★★★✩✩ (3 stars)

Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar

Adiba Jaigirdar writes the most relatable characters. Ishu was so me in every way possible (except for being an overachiever – I am a chronic underachiever lol) I really liked Hani and I hated her two ‘friends’ so much. Another character I loved was Ishu’s sister. She’s a side character, but her whole story arc felt so familiar. I adored the representation, and seeing two South Asian sapphics falling in love was so awesome. My only complaint about this book is: it should have been longer. The final conflict was resolved too quickly and I just…wanted more of Hani and Ishu. My rating: ★★★★✩ (4.5 stars)

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

I really loved this energetic, fun sci fi novel, and Spensa is one of my favourite main characters of all time. I liked the fact that while it has all the stereotypical science fiction staples, it wasn’t afraid to be as weird as possible. This book is very weird, OK, but it is so, so fun. I reviewed it, earlier this month. You can read my review here! My rating: ★★★★★ (five stars)

If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio

This is the first dark academia book I’ve read, so I was apprehensive about how I’d liked it. I shouldn’t have worried because I reread this book immediately after I finished because it left me with ~that~ inexplicable feeling. The characters are all Shakespeare actors, and being a former Shakespeare actor, I can safely tell you that randomly dropping quotes into your conversations is not pretentious, just normal stuff when you’re obsessed with drama. The central love story left me with so many feelings, the prose was beautiful, and whatever complaints I have about this story are far overshadowed by the good stuff. My rating:★★★★★ (five stars)

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

I was really hoping to love this book, because everyone else who’d read this seem to love it. I liked it a lot in the beginning, but as I went further into Sunja’s life I couldn’t help feeling that it was not my kind of story. I…don’t really know how to explain how I felt about this book. I wasn’t as captured by Noa’s or Mozasu’s or Solomon’s story as I was with Sunja’s and Isak’s, and as I got near the end, I kept wishing for this book to end (which is the worst kind of feeling tbh) But a lot of people have enjoyed this story, so I highly recommend you to give it a try! My rating: ★★★✩✩ (3.5 stars)

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

I had really high expectations going into this book because I loved Loveless. Except, Radio Silence took a long while to really pull me into the story and its characters. When it did, though? Now that was something, and the last few chapters were a journey I wouldn’t forget for a long time.

One thing I love about Alice Oseman’s stories is how they are so effortlessly diverse and Radio Silence is no exception. I also loved Frances and Aled’s strong bond, which hit me harder than any romance ever could. And Frances’s mother is simply the best, no questions asked. My rating: ★★★★✩ (4 stars)

With The Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Sometimes there comes by a good book that you read, enjoy and then forget all about it; this is that book for me. Here are some random through I had while reading:

  • Emoni is so inspiring and strong
  • The food descriptions are heavenly
  • The prose is sharp and it just speaks to you
  • I really don’t care much about the romance

What I watched

I watched a ton of stuff which I didn’t note down anywhere, so I’ll try to remember them.

Princess Mononoke: I know I say this every time I watch something incredible, but this actually might be my favourite movie of all time. It just…made me feel a lot of things, it’s hard to describe.

Black Widow: I love Yelena Belova. Also the family dynamics were awesome. But other than that, this felt so average. Black Widow deserved her movie sooner than this.

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: This had such a cool start with awesome action sequences, and a massively underwhelming ending. Xu Xialing is hot, Shang Chi is funny and Wenwu might be my favourite character in the entire story (a good villain in a long time, and I’m a sucker for his kind of character arcs)

Journey to the Centre of the World: (this is the one with a younger Peeta Mellark) I watched this on TV while at work, and it was fun I guess?? Awful CGI though.

Hawkeye: I wasn’t planning on it, but I really enjoyed this one. Having never watched Endgame or Infinity War, I don’t know much about Hawkeye’s killing-spree era, but there was Hailee Steinfeld and Yelena, so what could go wrong? (Naming the villains the Tracksuit Mafia was a CHOICE, but then, this is a Christmas themed comedy.)

Spiderman 2 & Spiderman 3 (the Tobey McGuire ones): i don’t remember anything that happened, ngl

Dune: huge, grand and epic but also somewhat boring please don’t kill me

The Handmaiden: The ultimate ‘be gay, do crime’ movie, brilliantly written and acted, unforgettable stuff. The middle third of the movie traumatised me. Trigger warnings for pretty much everything, watch it if you’re over eighteen.

Pachinko: I only finished the second episode in this before I put it on hold. It has the same tone as the book but I hope I like it better.

Bridgerton season two: I didn’t watched the first season and I started this purely because of the twitter hype. I’m on the fourth episode and I’m on the fence about continuing it, because I hate love triangles and when it’s two sisters? Even worse.

Young Royals: watch this one for the pain, guys.

We Are Lady Parts: a hilarious, loud, colourful story about an an all Muslim female punk band. Loved it so much, even when it rang cheesy.

Twenty Five, Twenty One: at this rate I’ll end up watching all of Kim Taeri’s filmography. This show has been my happy pill for most of March, and I’m still on episode 08 so there’s a lot of catching up to do.

doodlecrafter the ider Do

life update

My country’s in a supremely shitty situation every time I listen to the news I hear something worse. I am very, very lucky that I’m not affected by the worst of it; but I have no idea what’s coming.

Economic crises aside, there’s nothing much I got to do this month. I got a job, and my coworkers are friendly and good people (totally new to the world of corporate politics here and I have no idea what they say behind my back). Travelling by bus every morning is the worst part of it, because there aren’t many buses on roads these days and the ones that run are jam packed with people. That, and the time a random weirdo filed a complaint against me and I cried in front of three people. Totally embarrassing.

I drew my first art! It’s a very crude and simple Six of Crows fanart but it’s my first and I love it for that reason, you can see it over on my twitter account.

That’s all for my March wrap up! I don’t have many goals for April, but here’re some things I hope to do:

🔸try to post frequently

🔸read at least five books

🔸eat and drink well

🔸not go to work late

How was your March? What was your favourite read?

Hoping you all have a wonderful April!


33 thoughts on “March wrap up | the month I binged movies”

  1. Ah, congratulations on getting the job Jan! Sorry it isn’t more fun though :((
    And Radio Silence is such a good book, I am so glad you liked it! Have you read other novels by Alice Oseman?
    Great post!

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    1. I know, I loved radio silence once I got to know the characters! I’ve read loveless and the heartstopper series, and I absolutely love them all! Alice oseman writes some of the best teen stories out there haha

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  2. You read so many of my favorites this month! 🤗 However, the book I’m most particularly thrilled you loved is If We Were Villians – The Shakespeare! The academics! The broken friendships! 🤩AAAAAHHH, I just love everything about that book! 🥰🥰🥰

    And lololol, I actually wanted to continue on with Bridgerton but then got so upset that Netflix didn’t have season 2 in Russian that I decided to boycott it 😤🤣 Like, seriously, due to its not particularly sophisticated subject matter, that show was the greatest language learning tool ever! I understood so much! And now you’re telling me I will have to continue in another language?! Hmph 😤

    BUT ANYWAY, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW JOB, JAN!! 🥳🥳🥳 That’s an amazing achievement, and hopefully, things will generally start looking up for Sri Lanka soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad that, as a fellow Shakespeare nerd, you loved if we were villains as well!
      It’s a shame bridgerton isn’t available in Russian, the first episodes were really enjoyable and fun, and the main couple has such fiery chemistry lol.
      Ahh thank you, I’m hoping so too! Hope you have a great month ahead, naemi💕✨

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I’ll probably cave an watch Bridgerton in some other language eventually, probably when I need something hilariously fluffy to destress – but I just needed to vent some of my frustration over Netflix’s dubbing choices first! 🤣

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  3. Congrats on the new job Jan 🥳 wishing you all the luck for it! And wow you managed to read so many books alongside it as well. I loved Radio Silence, Frances and Aled are the heart of the book!! Happy to hear you enjoyed Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating. I can’t wait to read it 😍 shame about the rushed ending though. I sometimes find it a common flaw in romance/contemporary books… But then again I haven’t read too many romances!!
    I loved seeing all your movie/tv films especially as it has three of my favourites… Shang-Chi, The Handmaiden and We Are Lady Parts!! Glad you liked them overall as well!!
    I love your six of crows art… It is so effective and I love the style soo much 😍😍
    Sending you lots of best wishes for April 💜

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    1. Hope you enjoy hani and ishu’s guide to fake dating when you get to it, that book is just excellent.
      Shang chi, the handmaiden and we are lady parts are so good, I’m glad you enjoyed them as well! (I actually put we are lady parts on my watchlist because I saw you mention it on your blog lol)
      Thank you, hope you have a great month ahead!!!

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  4. I completely understand being exhausted from staring at a computer for HOURS for work. Hope it gets a little less exhausting and unpleasant.

    I completely agree with your review for Pachinko! I read it last month as well and felt the exact same way. I feel like there were way too many characters. It didn’t make me feel connected to anyone other than the characters at the start, which we never really get more of. The jumps in time also added to how far away the characters feel from the reader. I wished I liked it more, but I also gave it a 3.5.

    Hope you have a good, safe month Jan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had really high expectations for pachinko and I was kind of sad when they weren’t all met. I agree that the time jumps were confusing, and as it neared the end I too felt like there were too many characters to keep track of. (I really wanted more of sunja’s and isak’s povs, that felt too short)
      Hope you have a great month ahead as well!


  5. Omgggg Jan, sorry if this is going to be a long comment but~
    1. The Tobey McGuire spidermans are sooo goood, like SO good, you really need to watch the 3rd part,
    2. Dune is a bit boring but THAT MOVIE SO FREAKING AMAZING, and I can’t wait for the second part because people say it’s gonna have more of Zendaya’s character in it. And can we just talk about how good Timotheé looks??🥺
    3. PACHINKO!! I’m a bigggg Lee Min-ho stan and I’ve been wanting to watch Pachinko since the first day it aired but I’ll have to take out some time with my sister to do it😭 I’m so excited because omgg I guess this is the first time Minho is playing a different character like this,
    3. Ahhhhhhh Twenty Five Twenty One! I could just go on and on and on. The number of theories people are posting are killing me because well, I have been watching it since the first episode aired and I still can’t get enough of it. I just don’t want a sad ending😭😭😭

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    1. I actually watched part 2 and part 3 of the spidermans, I haven’t watched the first part 😅
      I’m glad you enjoyed dune, the visuals in that movie were amazing and you can’t get anything but attractiveness when both zendaya and timothy chalamet are onscreen.
      The pachinko show is good, and I must admit i hate Lee min ho’s character (he is not a good guy lol)
      I don’t want a sad ending for 2521 as well, that would just break my heart considering that the beginning of the show is just so happy. But I’ll settle for a bittersweet ending I guess.

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      1. Yeahhh I heard his character is not so good, thats why I wanna watch the show because well, until now he was nothing but the prince charming sort of guy in all the shows so I might as well look at the bad-side character played by him😂

        True that, even I would settle for a bittersweet ending, like I 70% think it’s going to be a bittersweet ending, but houf let’s se what happens🤧

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  6. Congratulations on the job! And staring at a screen for hours is exhausting! I hope it will get easier this month for you!
    So many good books you read in March! I’m glad you enjoyed Hano and Ishu, it was one of the best contemporary novels I read last year! Radio Silence is so good as well, and I agree that Frances and Aled’s bond is something else. 🥺 With the Fire on High has such luscious food descriptions! I’m sorry it didn’t stick with you more, but it happens! I really want to read Pachinko because of the tv show, but I’ve heard it’s dense and hard to get through, so I’m a bit worried haha
    Have a lovely April!

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    1. Everyone should read it, period. I was totally unprepared for how much I would grow to love that book lol.
      Thank you, sumedha! Hope you have a great month ahead too!


  7. omg with the glowing praises i’m hearing about if we were villains, i really should read it asap!!
    i’m glad you enjoyed skyward,, i’d read it a while back and it just… wasnt for me :((
    Ahhh omg that soc art is GORGEOUS jan your TALENT?? unparalleled.

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  8. Ahhh congrats on getting a job!! And I’m so glad you loved Hani and ishu’s guide to fake dating!! It’s been on my TBR for a while but I’ve been seeing some mixed reviews lately and I was feeling pretty nervous to start it haha.
    RADIO SILENCE YES YES AND YES!! Frances’ and Aled’s bond is just *chef’s kiss*. Have you read solitaire by Alice Oseman?? I’m currently reading it and well I’m not enjoying it much lol so hoping it turns out better after a while. And I really liked Hawkeye too!! It was such an fun show!! And i really did enjoy the visual effects of dune but I did find it extremely boring as well( ahem I only watched this for timothee and zendaya ahem)

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    1. Hani and ishu is so great, I hope you love it when you get to it!! Hawkeye was so fun, agreed! (Haha I watched dune for zendaya and chalamet too, lol, pretty people are always nice on your screen)
      Thank you💛

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  9. hani and ishu is so good!!!! i have to say my favorite thing is for sure the dynamic between ishu and her sister. it was so different from the dynamic in jarigdar’s debut, but it was just as well written and relatable. i also adore if we were villains and think it’s the best dark academia i’ve ever read. i love how the plays mirror some of the things the characters are going through! and yes, frances relationship with her mom is my favorite part of radio silence!! it made my heart so warm!

    i was not a fan of the black widow movie too much either, but at least it gave us yelena. i do adore her sm!! i definitely need to watch hawkeye to see her again hahah. as for young royals, i really wanted to enjoy the show but i really really didn’t lol everything about it annoyed me tbh

    i really hope things perk up in april! as someone who commutes every day in packed subway cars and buses, i relate: that’s the worst part of my day. but i do hope things get better with time for you too!

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    1. The sister dynamic in Hani&ishu was more relatable for me than the one in the henna wars (that’s exactly how I behave with my older sister lol)
      If we were villains is my first dark academia book and I’m so glad I fell in love with it!
      I love Yelena so much, she’s so iconic! Learning that she was maybe canonically aroace was the best thing ever haha. I liked the first four episodes of young royals very much, but I didn’t really like the direction the plot went for the last two.
      Hope u have a great month ahead!!


  10. So glad to see you loved most of what you read! I also loved Hani and Ishu and yesss I’d have loved it to be a little longer and have a bit more to the conflict resolution! I completely understand what you feel about Pachinko – it’s def not for everyone and while I appreciated it as a story and perspective I wasn’t all that much invested in it 😦
    Hope you have an amazing April and all the best with your goals! ❤

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    1. I just wanted more of hani and ishu, when the book book ended I wasn’t ready to let go of them😅
      I’m really glad you enjoyed pachinko!! Hope you have a good month ahead!

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  11. congrats on your job, and getting to read (and love) lots of books despite being busy!! i’m also amazed by how much you were able to watch, i’m always feeling like i don’t get to enjoy enough tv/movies haha. your six of crows art is SO cool, i love it! hope you have a great april ❤

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  12. congrats on getting the job!! that’s so exciting!

    i also loved hawkeye (and haven’t seen the other movies). i wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as i did as marvel seems to have gone a bit downhill for me, but the show was excellent.


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