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Hello, lovely people of the blogosphere! I’m doing the Medieval Queens book tag today, and many thanks to M.T. Wilson @ The Last Book on the Left and Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger for tagging me! Jess @ Jessticulates created this very unique tag.

My knowledge of European queens is not the best (I recognise only one queen out of the six listed here) and it was fun searching about the rest too, I must say. And this is a very fun tag!

Empress Matilda (1102 – 1167)

After her father, Henry I, died naming her his heir, Matilda’s cousin, Stephen, subsequently took the throne for himself. Matilda never stopped fighting for what was rightfully hers. Though she would never be named Queen of England in her own right, she was able to convince Stephen to name her son, the future Henry II, his successor over his own children.


These Violent Delights

Juliette from These Violent Delights is a very strong character. She faces a lot of setbacks and uncalled-for situations but she faces them head on. And she never stops until she gets what she wants, even though things don’t always go her way.


Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 – 1204)

Before she married Henry II and became Queen of England in 1152, Eleanor was Queen of France as the wife of Louis VII. She sought an annulment from her marriage to Louis, and he eventually agreed because 15 years of marriage had produced no sons, only for Eleanor to go on to have eight children with Henry—five of whom were sons. Ouch!


The Hunger Games

Considering that this book has the only love triangle which I consider written well, this has to go here. I’m so glad Katniss had other thoughts on her mind than “which guy do I choose?” when she’s off saving the world.

Team Peeta or Team Gale, people? sorry I just couldn’t resist that


Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 1290)

A keen patron of literature and a successful businesswoman in her own right, Eleanor was Edward I’s first wife. He was so heartbroken when she died that he erected the Eleanor Crosses, twelve stone crosses marking the places where her body rested overnight on its journey from Lincolnshire, where she died, to her burial place in London. Three of the crosses still survive today.


Tower of Nero

And I didn’t even particularly love this book. The thing is, when you’re a huge fan of the Riordanverse, this does feel bittersweet. It’s feels like a conclusion to an enormous number of books.

But, um, I sincerely hope there won’t be more books coming from this 😶


Isabella of France (1295 – 1358)

Often known as the ‘She-Wolf of France,’ Isabella was Edward II’s wife. Unfortunately for Edward, he wasn’t particularly good at being king, and Isabella soon grew tired of his (possibly homosexual) relationship with his favorite, Hugh Despenser. After she began an affair with English nobleman Roger Mortimer while on a diplomatic mission to France, the pair returned to England with an army, and she deposed Edward and acted as regent until their son, the future Edward III, came to age.


*me going through my goodreads ‘read’ shelf to find a book that fits this prompt* I don’t know. I’ll just skip this one. Have you ever read a book where the romance took the plot?

Philippa of Hainault (1310/15 – 1369)

Queen of England as the wife of Edward III, Philippa was beloved by the English people for her compassion and kindness. The Queen’s College, Oxford, founded in 1341, is named in her honor so…



Loveless is set in Durham university in England! I loved this really relatable coming-of-age story. It also has aro-ace representation, which you rarely see in books.


Joan of Navarre (1368 – 1437)

Joan was Henry IV’s second wife. Six years after his death, Joan was accused of attempted to poison her stepson, Henry V, through witchcraft and was imprisoned for four years until he ordered her released, just six weeks before he suddenly died.


Blood Like Magic

I added this to my TBR the moment I saw this. Probably just because the cover is too pretty? I love pretty covers. I don’t know exactly when I’ll get around to reading this but I really hope I like it!


I’m tagging…

Phoenix @ Books with Wings

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Ritz @ Living, Loving and Reading

Thea @ Thea Reads

And anyone else who’d like to do this tag, go ahead!

Let’s talk! Have you ever read a bittersweet book? Or a book with a “good” love triangle?


37 thoughts on “Medieval queens book tag”

  1. I’m team Peeta all the way! 🤗 I mean, I do like Gale as well, but there’s just no way he can compete with Peeta 🥰 And I totally agree with you that The Hunger Games has the only well-written love triangle I’ve ever come across.
    Also, I had a feeling you might choose Loveless for the university question and was so happy when you did!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! yes, Gale is good and all, but Peeta is just so sweet!
      Actually, Loveless might be the only book I’ve read set at a university? I kept this tag until after I read that book 😅😅

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Team nobody–I don’t like either Peeta or Gale. I actually used to be team Gale, before I reread the books, but then when I reread them I saw that some of his choices were…questionable, so I don’t really like him anymore. I think if I really had to choose, though, I’d go with gale…I know it’s an unpopular choice, but Peeta just wasn’t at all the same after the crazy wasp venom whatevers (lol sorry I forgot about them).
    Also I think that Riordan is going to write another series because there were some hints to it in that book–Chiron wasn’t around because he was in a meeting with ‘a talking cat and a decapitated head.’ So it sounds like the three different worlds sort of are going to merge some more? But he said it’ll be a while, since he’s mostly working to create the TV show.
    Thanks for tagging me!

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    1. I’m team peeta actually lol😅 I was never on team gale because…idk why.
      Yes I noticed that too and wondered what that was about. If there’s a new series I’ll definitely read it but I’m a tiny bit tired of the writing style by now .
      No problem😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha yah a LOT of people like Peeta because he’s just like this sweet caring character. He’s just…not the same for me, after the tracker jacker things.
        Yah, I mean I read those serieses because it’s like memories of my childhood, etc. I kind of agree, I feel like the writing style in TOA was a little more boring to me than I guess I used to think it was but I’ll still definitely read another series. Also I’d love for Magnus and Annabeth to spend more time together plus I wanna see more Alex.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. YES
      Ahaha I’m team peeta and never liked gale that much lolll I’m so excited for blood like magic, and all the new releases with pretty covers I have no time to read ❤

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  3. The idea for this tag is just BRILLIANT!! I’ve only read the first book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, and I hated Peeta (sorry 😅) . And Gale really isn’t shown too much, so, I really can’t choose.
    Amazing post!! And I loved your answers!

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    1. I know! Ahh to each, their own! I wasn’t bothered at gale not being there because I didn’t like him much haha. Thanks😊

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