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Hello everyone! I’m doing The Disappointments Book Tag today which was created by Brooke @ The Reader’s Game. I was tagged by Jenna @ Embers of Eleanor. Both their blogs are awesome and have amazing content so do check them out!

On with the tag:

The rules

🌾Tag at least 3 people

🌾Do each of the prompts unless you have never read that type of disappointing book

🌾For some of the prompts, you can twist them into what fits your book

🌾Have fun!!!

The tag


I’m thinking so hard but I can’t find a debut book that I hate, or I was disappointed reading in. Maybe Shadow and Bone – I was a bit bored reading it. It took me a week to finish, that must be a good indicator.


Hmm. This has to be Charles Dickens. You see, I really enjoyed reading Oliver Twist, but I only made it through around 20% of Great Expectations before dropping it and hating the book. Actually, I can think of quite a handful of authors to go here. I liked Veronica Roth’s Divergent and disliked the sequels. I liked the whole Harry Potter series and then ended up disliking The Cursed Child. (Jenna actually captures my thoughts about this book exactly) I liked the Hunger Games books but got a meh feeling overall after reading A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I did not appreciate being inside a psychopath’s head for three hours.


This has to be Insurgent and Allegiant. I loved Divergent (cliches and all) but Insurgent just wasn’t up to the same quality. Then I read Allegiant and I just felt like what the freaking heck happened to the story? Nothing even made sense anymore.


I can’t really think of anything for this, so I’ll keep it at that.


Haha. Sorry for mentioning the same book twice, but this will have to be Allegiant. In the first book Tris was this really relatable girl who just wanted to fit in, dystopian shenanigans aside. In Allegiant it felt like she was a totally different character. She was suddenly Miss Perfect and was pretty much I-told-you-so-ing into Four’s face all the time. And I really dunno what went on with Four, he acted weird. You’re telling me Four, who was a freaking military instructor, trusted a random girl he’d known only for a few days enough to let her order him around on a questionable secret mission? Or maybe I had too much high expectations when I went into this book.

I tag

Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner

Kayla @ The Book Loving Beaut

Abby @ Beyond the Read

I read the Six of Crows duology! I liked it very much, even though I’m not on the ‘this is THE best book I’ve read in my whole life’ train. My favourite characters are Inej, Wylan and Jesper. Kaz was okay I guess, but every time he started acting like Sherlock Holmes I felt myself resisting the urge to snort. And it got me thinking that if the Artful Dodger and Peter Pan raised a kid together, that kid would be Kaz. He certainly did have a ‘leave Hook to me / Hook is mine / Hook or me this time’ thing when it came to Pekka Rollins, lol.


36 thoughts on “The Disappointments book tag”

  1. I had the same thoughts on Allegiant! The whole thing was Tris being right about everything and being all “I told you so” to Four, and he was just completely different. No way is he going to just follow along with an entire crazy mission like that when he hadn’t even known Tris that well, and she had spent their entire relationship lying to him. It just really wasn’t great, and all the more disappointing because Divergent was actually not that bad 😕

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    1. That crazy mission was the whole bombing scenario that happened which involved a person called Nita, you might have missed that😅😅another thing that annoyed me was that Tris grows jealous after seeing Four just talking to Nita – like, werent the two of them kissing and cuddling and professing their undying love moments earlier?? And then of course Tris was right and Nita was Not To Be Trusted. Urghh.

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  2. I do agree Insurgent was kinda lengthy and not such a good book, but i still enjoyed allegiant. The ending was heartbreaking but I get why so many people are disappointed by it.
    Nice post, Jan ✨.

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    1. One of the few things I actually liked about allegiant was the ending – it stayed true to the characters. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though! Aww thanks!!

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    1. It’s quite a good book, I hope you enjoy it when you do read it!! Haha in the second book Kaz Brekker is a little extra😂😂

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      1. Gosh yes he’s by no way a good person and the books stick with that. It’s quite brutal, just a warning. And yeah Kaz did some pretty horrendous stuff. Its quite alarming how quickly you forget those things, really. He was supposed to be seventeen and he felt like someone in his twenties or thirties (a lot of people have this complaint) but yeah, in the end I ignored that too and went with the flow, 😅😅

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  3. Hahaha, I always love hearing everyone’s unfavorable opinions, so this tag was awesome! I whole-heartedly agree with you on Allegiant (if you ask me, the world building introduced in that book made absolutely zero sense 🙄) and Cursed Child, although “dislike” is a very mild word for the amount of hatred I have for that book 😂

    Anyway, thanks so much for the tag! I can’t wait to go on a full-on rant for this one 😁

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  4. I was born to do a tag like this. I am disappointed by EVERYTHING.
    Okay, but I love Harry Potter and my sister told me enough about The Cursed Child that I know I would NOT want to read it. I love several Dickens novels, but some have been rather boring. I don’t think there are any authors that haven’t disappointed me on one level or another? I mean, no one can write flawless books exclusively- I hold authors to ridiculous standards, but then again they often set the standards that high by their previous books, so…
    I wasn’t a big fan of the first Divergent book and didn’t read on, but I know that my mom felt the same way that you did where the story just kind of went off the rails as the books went on. I am always sad when series start out with great potential and then just fall apart. That’s why Harry Potter is so amazing because it follows through SO WELL. Man, I am still impressed by that.

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    1. I totally understand not wanting to read Cursed Child because that book all but butchered the characters I love😞 I know.. no writer is perfect and I try my best to go into a book with very low expectations. Ikr, the HP series just got better with each book!

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  5. I love this tag and your answers Jan!! My Divergent-loving heart from middle school is in pain from all the Allegiant hate here, but I have to admit you’re right on most counts 😅😂 In hindsight, I wasn’t a fan of Tris being all goody-goody either, and the whole situation with Four was pretty unbelievable 😳

    Great post Jan! ❤️ I can’t wait to answer these questions and spill all the tea 🍵😌

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    1. Haha I loved Divergent but yeah Insurgent and Allegiant were not my cup of tea😂 I can’t wait to read your answers! Thanks❤

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